3D Letters

3D Chisel Font Letters

Posted in 3D Letters by Sign Man on April 21, 2010

Working on a project for a business in London to produce 1000mm high 3D letters with a bevel face. The letters will be 50mm thick made from cast resin and will have a stressed metal finish, probably in a bronze. We are thinking of using a Times Roman font or Alburtus font.

The cost of letters of this size would come out at around £400 each. We costed for them in solid cast gunmetal 1000mm high by 25mm thick with a hollow back giving the letters a material thickness of 10mm and with a flat face and 15 degree release angle and the letters worked out to weigh about 60kg each and cost £2000 each.

This is work in progress I and I think we may well go with a third option of powder coated stainless steel letters with a bevel face. The image of these letters would fit the location, to use a traditional font with a bevel face but in a modern material. Cost £750 each.

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