3D Letters

Big Gold Glitter Letters

Posted in Glitter Letters by Sign Man on October 27, 2015

Big bold gold letters for events and birthdays.

1000mm high, 100mm thick. Glitter faced, white sides.



Red Glitter Letters – SWING

Posted in Glitter Letters by Sign Man on November 11, 2013

1000mm high letters, 200mm thick, red glitter covered for a Christmas business party for Nokia somewhere in England. They were needed by the 3rd of December 2013. The font used was called Impact, they were used for a party and for their photo shoot.


www.glitterletters.net is where we have a niche product site for big glitter letters, worth a visit.

Purple Glitter Letters

Posted in 3D Letters, Glitter Letters by Sign Man on December 16, 2011

Big purple glitter lettering.

1000mm high, 200mm thick.

Purple glitter, 040 size, plastic glitter.

Glitter applied onto front and sides, back painted black matt.

The colour of purple glitter can change dramatically depending on the lighting conditions, if the lighting is bright enough and comes from the front the lettering, they almost appear to be in a magenta colour.


Glitter purple lettering can also appear dark if the lighting is directed from spot lights and from an angle.

Glitter Letters

Posted in 3D Letters, Glitter Letters, Polystyrene Letters by Sign Man on November 4, 2011

Glitter is mostly made from either polyester glitter and PVC glitter, glitter comes in many bright colours and shades. Glitter is manufactured in many countries around the world and the quality does vary depending on where it comes from. The grain or particle size of the glitter is determined by where it is going to be used, very small grain size is used on peoples nails, while larger grain is required for panels of glitter and for signs and lettering.
The shape of the cut of the glitter particles can also be different from one supplier to the next and again depending on the use of the glitter.

Many products are covered with glitter. Glitter panels for walls, glitter birthday cards, glitter stars on Christmas trees, glitter nails, glitter covered clothes, glitter on food, glitter for art and crafts, glitter letters, glitter words, glitter text on the internet as graphics, glitter gets everywhere.

Glitter letters can be seen in many different places. They are used as Christmas decorations placed on Christmas trees or sat on shelves or fixed to walls around the home. Glitter letters can be seen in children’s bedrooms and on bedroom doors as room names. Glitter lettering can be found as glitter tattoos on people or glitter nails. Glitter text can be found as a graphics on the internet. Large glitter letters are used at weddings and can be seen placed on the dining tables at wedding receptions or larger ones placed at the entrance to wedding receptions.

In business glitter letters and logos are seen in night clubs hanging from ceilings, in shop display windows as a form of visual communication advertising. Glitter letters are used in florist shops and in hair salons and children’s toy shops. Glitter letters can be seen on the walls of designer clothes shops and on the walls of advertising agencies as a wall feature.

Glitter letters can be used as a temporary fixture for an advertising promotion, for exhibition displays or props for television programs.They can also be used as a permanent form of signage on office walls. Glitter letters can also be used as exterior signage where the glitter has been sealed with a thin layer of clear resin.



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