3D Letters

Painted Polystyrene Letters

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Painted polystyrene letters come in various sizes and colours, we cut the letters to the customers requirements, we paint the letters with vinyl matt emulsion paint. CompactaBlack font. 250mm high, 50mm thick.



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3D Logos – Ruby+Ed

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3D Logos made from a high quality painted polystyrene  for use at an exhibition.

Polystyrene Logos.

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Posted in Polystyrene Letters by Sign Man on January 27, 2012

Polystyrene Lettering.

400mm high. 150mm thick.

Polystyrene letters

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Glitter Letters

Posted in 3D Letters, Glitter Letters, Polystyrene Letters by Sign Man on November 4, 2011

Glitter is mostly made from either polyester glitter and PVC glitter, glitter comes in many bright colours and shades. Glitter is manufactured in many countries around the world and the quality does vary depending on where it comes from. The grain or particle size of the glitter is determined by where it is going to be used, very small grain size is used on peoples nails, while larger grain is required for panels of glitter and for signs and lettering.
The shape of the cut of the glitter particles can also be different from one supplier to the next and again depending on the use of the glitter.

Many products are covered with glitter. Glitter panels for walls, glitter birthday cards, glitter stars on Christmas trees, glitter nails, glitter covered clothes, glitter on food, glitter for art and crafts, glitter letters, glitter words, glitter text on the internet as graphics, glitter gets everywhere.

Glitter letters can be seen in many different places. They are used as Christmas decorations placed on Christmas trees or sat on shelves or fixed to walls around the home. Glitter letters can be seen in children’s bedrooms and on bedroom doors as room names. Glitter lettering can be found as glitter tattoos on people or glitter nails. Glitter text can be found as a graphics on the internet. Large glitter letters are used at weddings and can be seen placed on the dining tables at wedding receptions or larger ones placed at the entrance to wedding receptions.

In business glitter letters and logos are seen in night clubs hanging from ceilings, in shop display windows as a form of visual communication advertising. Glitter letters are used in florist shops and in hair salons and children’s toy shops. Glitter letters can be seen on the walls of designer clothes shops and on the walls of advertising agencies as a wall feature.

Glitter letters can be used as a temporary fixture for an advertising promotion, for exhibition displays or props for television programs.They can also be used as a permanent form of signage on office walls. Glitter letters can also be used as exterior signage where the glitter has been sealed with a thin layer of clear resin.



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Polystyrene Letters

Posted in Polystyrene Letters by Sign Man on March 31, 2011


3D letters can be supplied in either HDFR grade polystyrene or blue styrofoam. Thicknesses range from 25mm up to 600mm. All letters are cut to order and to the sizes and thickness required. Polystyrene letters can be supplied in a natural white finish or card and vinyl faced – for a smooth gloss or matt face. The sides can then either be painted or left natural. They can also painted on the face and sides .Styrofoam letters have to be painted as their natural colour is blue. The styrofoam material is particularly suitable for small letters and logos due to its close cell structure which when painted gives a lovely smooth and high end finish. It also means that more intricate shapes can be cut than with standard polystyrene. 3D cut out letters are painted with water based acrylic resins so the choice of colours available is far higher than with built up acrylic letters(the nearest alternative). When the letters are card and vinyl faced with chrome silver face and black painted sides for example you can achieve a classy, expensive looking internal display.

Generally 3d cut out letters in polystyrene or styrofoam are used in exhibition displays. They can be made relatively quickly and are cheaper than their nearest 3D alternative which is built up acrylic however it should always be remembered that they are all cut , painted and made to order and do not come off the shelf. They can also be painted to match a companies corporate colour. They are easily fixed to display panels with double sided tape or velco (depending on the size and weight). Larger letters can be made so that they stand up on their own.
3D letters are used in photo shoots where models can hold the letters up or they can stand up on their own. Shop window displays where the letters can be window dressed or used on shelves around the store advertising either the department or a particular brand. Internal corporate displays. The 3D letters can be mounted either directly to the wall or onto a clear acrylic panel . Exterior shop fascia signs. The letters can be coated with an exterior masonry paint and fixings applied to the back. Once the letters are in place above a shop they will last the same as any exterior fascia.
Styrofoam is an extruded polystyrene and is identified by its blue colour. It was first developed and produced in the 1940’s by Dow Chemical in the USA. The process of extruding polystyrene results in a material with uniformly small, closed cells and an unrivalled set of properties which make it ideal for cut out letters and logos. Styrofoam combines low thermal conductivity and low water absorption to make it the choice of specifiers in a wide range of demanding insulation applications.
The small uniform cell structure of Styrofoam is ideally suited for use in markets such as hobby and crafts where traditional modelling tools can create three-dimensional models. HDRF grade polystyrene is a High Density Fire Retardent material.


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Polystyrene Letters For Shop Window Displays

Posted in Polystyrene Letters by Sign Man on January 28, 2011

Polystyrene Letters for shop displays.

The image here shows polystyene letters which were 250mm high, 50mm thick. The letters were yellow gloss with white sides.

The font used was Helvetica Medium.

The letters were made for a customer who used them in a shop window display.


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3D LetterX

Posted in 3D Letters, Polystyrene Letters by Sign Man on May 7, 2010

An example of 3D XXX. The ‘X’ was made from polystyrene and vinyl card faced. The ‘X’ was used on a business related team building game of some kind. Don’t ask!


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