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Letter W – Styrofoam

Posted in 3D Letters, 3D Letters made from Styrofoam by Sign Man on March 29, 2013

Styrofoam letter W.

Aachen Normal font.

150mm high, 50mm thick.

prototype for casting into a concrete letter.


Before we decide to cast a letter in concrete we make a prototype in styrofoam to see if the font needs adjusting and before we make a mould for casting in concrete. We might also do this if we intend casting in resin or Jesmonite.

As a project to practice on I think I shall use this letter as a base to make some more samples and paint them in various different finishes, concrete effect, stone effect, masonry effect, metal effect, wood effect or rusty metal effect or any other finish that I can think of such as bronze metal effect. These letters are a good base for covering in paper or card or decorating in glitter.

Concrete letters and numbers are a new project that we have been working on after a customer requested us to produce some for their business premises. We even purchased a domain name http://www.concretenumbers.co.uk  where we hope to develop a product to sell online. We made a small amount of numbers and letters in concrete but we found that they broke too easily and had to add an extra ingredient to make the characters much stronger and to make them frost resistant.

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Concrete Number 5

Posted in 3D Numbers by Sign Man on March 21, 2013

Concrete house numbers.

150mm high, 50mm thick.



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Generic Websites

Posted in 3D Letters by Sign Man on January 28, 2013

Website  started. 29th March 2010 at 1pm.


Purpose of website to promote 3D letters for signs and drive traffic to our main website http://www.arro-signs.co.uk .

After trying without any success to get our main http://www.arro-signs.co.uk website into page one of google for the keywords ‘3D-letters’ we decided to try a different approach. Generic named websites are usually easier to get to number 1 in Google and Yahoo. As of yet it is not number 1 in Google, but it will be.

29th January, the site was number one on Google for about three months, it then fell off the first page due to Google penguin, I needed more original content and more than just one page. decided to start another site to have another go from a different direction, even less content, just to get traffic to a YouTube video, advertised on AdWords at 0.01 per click.  http://www.3dlettering.net/

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Chrome Letter R

Posted in chrome letters by Sign Man on January 27, 2013

Chrome letter ‘R”

The letter is made from moulded lacrylic with a chrome finish. Idea for shop front signs. The font was Times Roman. The height was about 250mm. The letters were supplied with stud fixings on the back and paper template.



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Merry Christmas 2012

Posted in 3D Letters by Sign Man on December 21, 2012

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The Letter L

Posted in 3D Letters by Sign Man on November 28, 2012

The letter ‘L’ made from moulded acrylic with a chrome finish.

This is a link to our Chrome Letters website, available from Arro Signs.

Posted in 3D Letters by Sign Man on September 27, 2012

Shop front signs Blog

Orange letter ‘U’. Made from 3mm cast acrylic moulded into the letter ‘U’, part of an order for a customer who required the letters for a children’s Nursery School in Bradford. The letters went on a wall in the main reception of the building.

Note. When I took the photo it was definitely orange, when I resized it on my computer it was still a bright orange but when I uploaded it to the blog it has a definite look of red to it. This is a red moulded letter ‘U’ formally known to us as an orange letter ‘U’. Do not adjust your monitor just imagine it is orange.


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Chrome lettering – Letter S

Posted in chrome letters by Sign Man on April 11, 2012

Chrome Lettering.

Chrome 3D letter ‘S’.

http://www.chromeletters.co.uk  Ideal for Car Show Rooms, Garages, Mens Barbers shops, Designer Clothes Shops, Tattoo Shops. Also used for Hotel Signs and Restaurants.

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Pub Name Signs

Posted in 3D Cast Acrylic Letters, 3D Letters by Sign Man on April 2, 2012

Gold acrylic lettering with acrylic border. Ideal for pub name signs.




Blue Chrome ICT

Posted in chrome letters by Sign Man on March 21, 2012

Blue chrome ICT lettering supplied to a school.


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