3D Letters


Posted in 3D Letters by Sign Man on April 28, 2014

An ABC to XYZ of dimensional lettering for signs.


3D Logo – MISH

Posted in 3D Logos by Sign Man on February 6, 2012

3D logo of the ‘MISH logo for a shop sign.

500mm x 200mm, 50mm thick.

Pinted in a white matt masonry paint suitable for use outside.

The logo was made from a closed-cell high density extruded polystyrene foam also known as Strofoam or SelectaFoam.


Cast Resin Lettering

Posted in 3D Letters, Cast Resin Letters by Sign Man on September 23, 2011

Cast Resin Letters for Property names. 380mm high, 25mm thick, brass locators on the back of the letters for fixing to brickwork. Permanent signage that will be on the building for decades until the building gets demolished.

The only thing that will need doing to maintain these letters would be a new lick of paint every now and then.

3D Letters.    3D Lettering.

Styrofoam Letters in Gold Matt

Posted in 3D Letters made from Styrofoam by Sign Man on May 5, 2011

Styrofoam letters gold matt vinyl faced card with black painted sides. part of a larger order for a film studio near London.


Chrome Styrofoam Letters

Posted in 3D Letters, 3D Letters made from Styrofoam, chrome letters by Sign Man on March 8, 2011

Chrome styrofoam Letters

Chrome faced with black painted sides. These letters and logos were used in an office for fixing to the wall as a wall 3D Graphic of the company Logo.




Letter R

Posted in 3D Letters, 3D Letters made from Solid Wood Composite by Sign Man on December 22, 2010

3D Letter R.

3D Letter R. Made from 25mm thick MDF, painted grey matt finish, part of a ‘RSA’ logo. Made for interior use in office building.


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3D letters made from Stainless Steel

Posted in 3D Letters Made From Stainless Steel by Sign Man on October 20, 2010

3D letters made from Stainless Steel.


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The Letter G

Posted in 3D Letters, chrome letters by Sign Man on May 21, 2010

The Letter G

The Letter G made from green chrome Acrylic. This job was supplied to a College in the UK.



Cast Resin Letters Project

Posted in Cast Resin Letters by Sign Man on April 14, 2010

Working on a new project to produce a set of 3D letters for a Hotel, the letters are 170mm high, 25mm thick with rod fixings on the back, the font chosen is called Cooper Bold. The letters will be made from a solid cast resin.

The project will take 3 weeks from date of order, the job does not take 3 weeks its just that each stage has a long curing time before the next stage can be started and because we are usually very busy doing other jobs as well.


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