3D Letters

3D Printed Lettering

Posted in 3D Letters, Logos and Signs by Sign Man on March 25, 2014

A 3D printed letter ‘B’ in an Old English Font. 100mm high, 10mm returns. Mill finish, will require cleaning up with acetone and fine grade sandpaper before painting in a gold coloured finish. The software that runs 3D printers is not intuitive and does not take the print path that takes the least amount of time to print.

Soon when technology has advanced and the software has improved 3D printed lettering or 3D printed logos or 3D printed signs will be a practical solution for sign makers, at the moment only small objects are commercially viable to print. Today lazer cutting or CNC routing or engraving is a much faster process and cost effective method of producing signs and lettering in a 3D finish. For display purposes polystyrene letters cannot be beaten for the most effective form of production for this product.

We have started to make logos using the 3D print process and are evaluating the use in the production of small 3D Logos to be used for business office signs. Logos can be produced up to 200mm x 200mm x 200mm. The logos are first printed in a strong plastic and then spray painted in the appropriate colours to match the customers requirements. 3D Logo Makers.