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Posted in 3D Letters by Sign Man on January 28, 2013

Website  started. 29th March 2010 at 1pm.


Purpose of website to promote 3D letters for signs and drive traffic to our main website http://www.arro-signs.co.uk .

After trying without any success to get our main http://www.arro-signs.co.uk website into page one of google for the keywords ‘3D-letters’ we decided to try a different approach. Generic named websites are usually easier to get to number 1 in Google and Yahoo. As of yet it is not number 1 in Google, but it will be.

29th January, the site was number one on Google for about three months, it then fell off the first page due to Google penguin, I needed more original content and more than just one page. decided to start another site to have another go from a different direction, even less content, just to get traffic to a YouTube video, advertised on AdWords at 0.01 per click.  http://www.3dlettering.net/

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